History of the 'Pet Barn' concept

The concept of the ‘pet barn’ started in Australia, way back in the 1970's when Ken Geddes began his specialty store 'The Pet Barn' selling quality fresh meat to breeders to feed their dogs. A one-of-a-kind store, he sold only quality meat to dog owners who were serious about their pet’s nutrition. His store in Western Sydney became so popular with locals because it was the only store that offered quality produce and a team with expert know-how. So much so, people were flocking to his store from all over Sydney and even New South Wales!

Ken recently passed away in 2013 but his original vision will live on for many years to come.

Where we fit in

Our top dog Phil Bartholomew’s original business 'The Pet Warehouse' merged with PetBarn back in 2003, the same business that was originally founded by Geddes. The Pet Warehouse was also inspired by Ken Geddes’ vision and Phil believed the most important part of his business was to keep both his two legged and four legged customers happy. 'Never let a customer leave empty handed, they’ve come to find something so we'll help them find what they need'.

"Never let a customer leave empty handed. They’ve come to find something so we'll help them find what they need."

Philip Bartholomew

Managing Director of My Pet Warehouse

For a period of time after the merge, Phil was appointed CEO of PetBarn but once the company was taken over by Mammoth Pet Holdings, he felt their team was quickly losing sight of the ‘fun side of pet ownership’. He left the company soon after and decided to re-establish his business – it was reborn as My Pet Warehouse.

Taking his industry knowledge honed from his time as CEO, Phil began My Pet Warehouse as an Australian family owned and operated business. Our staff are all about their pets – we only recruit passionate animal lovers to work with us so you know that the advice and service you’ll be receiving from our stores is second to none.

Fast Forward to Today

Today, My Pet Warehouse is still inspired by the early days of Geddes’ pet barn concept. Every corner of our stores are filled to the brim with specialty products for your special pet, whether they have paws, gills, scales or wings we’re bound to stock what you’re after.

Building on the original concept, we’ve expanded to include DIY Dog Wash and grooming facilities provided by our qualified in-house groomers. Geddes vision is being brought to life through each of our stores which allows us to stock a vast range of products to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Part of the Pet Barn concept entails that we do not to sell pets of any kind. Instead, we wholly support and local shelters with a no-kill policy and certified breeders.