Made by industry professionals for Australian pets, Advance has a range of food to make all tails wag. A highly tested and scientifically proven diet, Advance pet food is made with our local climate and lifestyle in mind. A premium mix made only with top quality ingredients, each pack is loaded with the right nutrients to keep their skin and coat shiny and their joints and bones healthy. Not only does Advance benefit their wellbeing, it has a delicious meaty taste that any dog or cat will love.

The Advance range is scientifically renowned and covers all nutritional needs that Aussie pets require. Popular super premium products from the range include Advance Dental for good oral health, Advance Weight Control to manage weight loss, Advance Senior and Advance Active for working dogs, just to name a few. Advance also caters for all life stages, from the kittens and puppies all the way through to seniors.

Advance really is at the forefront of pet nutrition and they understand finicky feline needs - cats need their nutrition but sometimes are too fussy about what they eat to really unlock all the benefits in their food. Advance dry and wet cat food is full of the good stuff and tastes downright delicious, so no bowl will go untouched.

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