Advance pet food has your pet’s needs covered

Packed full with all the good stuff, Advance pet food is uniquely tailored to Australian pets. Our love for the outdoors and climate means that Aussie pets have different needs from pets overseas. With that in mind, Advance pet nutrition offers tailored recipes that look after your pets skin and coat and hydration levels all while providing a balanced diet, regardless of their size or age.  With high-quality proteins and added nutrients, Advance dog and cat food is downright delicious, ensuring that only an empty bowl is left at mealtimes. 

Buy Advance dog food cheap without sacrificing quality

Your doggo won’t be able to resist a bowl of Advance dog food. Find their mealtime favourite with bags of Advance dry dog food and cans of wet dog food. Advance dog food ingredients include quality proteins like lamb and chicken which will help keep your pooch healthy and strong. With added fibre for easy digestion and added antioxidants, your pooch is sure to look as great as they feel. Bag yourself a bargain during an Advance dog food sale and treat your pup today. 

Support growing pups with Advance puppy food

You’re not mistaken - your puppy grows quickly! While puppies need two to three times more energy than an adult dog, it’s important to make sure they’re getting a balanced diet. 

The Advance dog food puppy range supports their growth and development every step of the way all while ensuring a complete and balanced diet. High-quality proteins help build strong muscles while complex carbohydrates fuel your pups with a steady stream of energy. Advance dog biscuits for puppies are easy on tiny tummies, coming in smaller pieces to make them easier to chew and digest. 

Advance cat food will entice even the fussiest of felines

Serve your feline friends up a premium feast with Advance cat food. With antioxidants and vitamins to strengthen their immune system and high-quality proteins for strong muscles your cats will look and feel great. Plus, added active ingredients assist in reducing pesky problems that cats face like hairballs. There are also tailored recipes for all life stages, supporting your cat all the way from kitten through to their senior years. 

Sometimes cats are finicky eaters so it’s important their food tastes delicious. After all, there’s no nutritional value in food left in the bowl! Advance has a range of flavours that will have your cat pawing for more.

Advance FAQ

How much should I feed my dog?

The size of your pooch’s portions will differ depending on size and breed. Refer to an Advance dog food feeding guide for the right serving size.

How much food does my cat need?

Your cat will need different portions of food depending on their activity, weight and whether you feed them both wet and dry food. Advance cat food comes in easy to serve packets with a feeding guide on the back which makes it easy to find the right amount to keep your feline satisfied.

Is Advance pet food made in Australia?

Advance pet food is Australian made. With the climate in mind, Advance pet food embraces and tailors to the unique needs of Aussie pets.

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