Applaws is the popular choice among pet owners because they’re all about using quality produce to make their wet and dry food. They refuse to use any sorts of cheap and nasty additives and they favour top notch animal protein. Australian made, Applaws is fast becoming a local favourite. It’s made with delicious home grown produce. Each bag, pouch and tin is packed with the right kind of nutrition with loads of vitamins, minerals and proteins from the meat so your dog and cat can get the fuel they need to get up to all sorts of trouble!

Applaws flavours include plenty of Chicken variations including popular favourites, Chicken and Beef and Chicken and Vegetables. They’re free from any artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives – that’s right, there’s no nasties inside. Just the fresh and natural taste that your pet really needs.

Applaws caters to both dogs and cats, offering a wide range of wet food and dry food solutions for puppies, kittens and seniors too! Nobody is left out in the Applaws range. Each pack contains a balanced diet solution for your pet and a high meat content, so you know it’ll taste delicious.

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