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Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer is an in-water treatment for ornamental cage birds used to effectively treat threadworm, caecal worm, roundworm, gape worm, gizzard worm and tapeworm. Only to be used on birds who are not sensitive to the effects of levamisole. 

Directions of use:
  • Make up dose to 1 to 5 mL with water in a syringe.
  • Crop administration. A crop needle or tube placed directly into the crop can be used to administer Avitrol Plus syrup by syringe. Do not administer any liquid into the crop unless you are confident that the crop needle or tube is correctly placed.
  • Diluted in drinking water. 0.5 mL (12 drops) to 20 mL of water or 25 mL/L. Use this as the sole source of drinking water for 24 hours and feed only seed, then replace with fresh clean water. Solution should be freshly made up before dosing. 
  • Repeat in 14 days with fresh solution, or as directed by a veterinary surgeon. This provides a dose of 40 mg/kg bodyweight based on an average bodyweight of 30 g and liquid consumption of 5 mL/day. In summer the dose should be reduced to account for increased water consumption, which may be double or more.
  • Do not dose in extremely hot, dry weather or treat stressed birds, or birds that are feeding young.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin and wash hands after use.
  • Side effects may include regurgitation or incoordination. Always read the label for list of full side effects and seek medical advice immediately if symptoms persist.
  • Always clean and disinfect infected area to prevent re-infestation.
Size: 25ml

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