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Bird cage accessories to keep your cage looking fly!

You couldn’t live in a home without furniture, could you? Well, it’s exactly the same for your bird. Treating your bird to some cage accessories and will make a huge difference to their happiness and comfort.

For maximum impact, rotate your cage accessories every week, which will keep your bird from becoming bored in its enclosure. Bird toys are another excellent way to prevent bored birdies, and we stock a range of toys online that caters for a variety of common species, see them here.

Our range of bird cage supplies

My Pet Warehouse has a wide selection of bird cage supplies, designed exclusively for birds. This means that they are approved for bird use and have no loose parts that can endanger your feathered friend.

Our online store stocks bird cage accessories like cosy corners (great to snuggle up to) and hideaways (great to disappear into). We have perches, which stimulate leg muscles, and cuttlebones, which promote beak and jaw exercise.

Practical bird cage accessories

No doubt, you’ll also be looking for functional products such as bird cage feeders and waterers, which we stock in our online store.

You have the choice between open cups or closed silos. Both product types clip conveniently onto the bars of your bird cage. You may wish to have water in both a closed container and an open cup, since sometimes birds like to bathe themselves.

As a bird owner, you are advised to check your bird’s droppings for illness. A bird cage liner makes it simple to see if your bird is healthy or not. Lining your cage with newspaper may be inexpensive but using a cage liner will make ‘poop patrol’ a whole lot easier.

This results in less time looking at droppings and more time bonding with your pet bird.

So now you have the accessories to make any cage look fly, maybe you might fancy an up-grade of your bird's cage? Check out our range online here.