Take a squawk at the best bird feeders

Bring a little slice of bird-watching paradise into your yard with a bird feeder. The gentle trills and fluttering wings set the scene for a relaxing weekend away that never ends, attracting all sorts of bird species to your territory to dine, preen and socialise. Bird enthusiasts and animal lovers stand a fair chance of spotting some of Australia’s gorgeous wild birds with a hanging bird feeder, enriching natural food sources with carefully selected seeds and providing a place for bird parents to grab an easy feed for their noisy young ones. Wild bird feeders support thriving and recovering eco-systems all year round!

How do you let them know you’re here to help?

Be the best bird friend you can be by setting up way-point for winged travellers. They need to feel safe and secure, protected from natural predators like possums, cats, dogs, snakes and humans before they begin to stop by for any length of time. Whether you’re setting up a hanging bird feeder or a bird water feeder, you should avoid noisy areas with a lot of foot traffic and make sure the feeder is clearly visible to their eye level. 

But what if I want to take snapshots of the birds?

Bird lovers often love to capture photographs of wild birds stopping by for a nibble and a drink, especially if their visitor is a rarely snapped species. The number one rule sounds obvious - don’t be threatening. Try not to interrupt their visit and don’t expect to get a close up the first (or fifth) time around; increase your chances of repeat visits by providing clean platforms, tasty food and fresh water. A large bird feeding stand can be a great centrepiece and easily accessible, inviting bigger birds to feast without scaring little ones away - although the final size, style and design is completely up to you!

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