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We have bird cages fit for a king… Parrot

A bird’s cage is his palace, so it makes sense to choose a cage that is well suited. We have different cages for sale that are appropriate for various sized birds. When choosing a cage it is not only the size of the bird that you need to consider.

What to look for in a bird cage

In our online pet store, we have a few different styles of bird cages for sale.

Small birds like finches, canaries and budgies require bars with small spacing so that they cannot fit their heads (or bodies!) through the bar and get stuck. Larger birds however can be placed in cages with larger bar spacing.

Choosing the appropriate bar space is not only for safety. Larger bar spaces mean that birds have a better view out and you have a better view in. So, don’t purchase a cage with small bar spacing unless you have to.

The orientation of the bars is not of major importance unless your bird loves to climb. Vertical bars are harder for birds to climb whereas horizontal bars are easier for them to grip. The disadvantage of horizontal bars is that multiple bars will get covered in droppings at once and they are harder to clean.

Some of our bird cages for sale have open tops with perches for your bird to sit on. This may be something you might consider if you have the space in your home.

Buying bird cages online

The thought of buying a bird cage online might seem a bit daunting, since you can’t physically see the cage. My Pet Warehouse will do our best to help you envisage the products available by providing you with accurate measurements.

We’re also happy to take you under our wing by answering any questions, or simply providing some reccommendations on toys or accessories for your cage