We have bird cages fit for a King...Parrot

Bright, brainy and beautiful, birds are easy to love, treating their families to hours of speed laps, mirror chatter and feathery companionship. Help them reach their beaky peak with a comfortable bird cage suited to their size and social personality.

What to look for in a bird cage

Before you buy your bird a new home or add an avian to your household, you need to think about where the cage will rest. Does your large bird cage need a stand? Do you have enough bench space? How much room does one bird need anyway?

Small birds like finches, canaries and budgies require slim bar spacing so that they cannot squeeze their heads (or bodies) through the bars and get stuck, while larger birds like parrots are less prone to escaping and can be trusted with generous spacing. Safety always comes first, but spare a thought for their daily view... don’t purchase a cage with narrow bars unless you absolutely have to! Not sure how small is too small? Drop into your local My Pet Warehouse and our budding bird experts will find the right small bird cage for you.

Spacing isn’t the only thing to think about when it comes to bars - birds love to climb. Vertical bars are difficult for their talons to grip and scale, whereas horizontal bars give them the purchase they need to hang on out on the side of their cage. The downside? Horizontal bars are harder to clean. Some of our bird cages for sale have open tops and perches for zoom-zoom time - if you have space in your home, this is definitely something you might consider. Don’t forget entertainment either, they may be small, but your feathery friends love to play with bird toys and even some bird cage accessories - some breeds love getting under the food dish and spilling seed all over the cage floor!

How to buy bird cages online

Buying something so important unseen and untouched may be a little daunting at first, particularly when you’re trying to separate cheap bird cages from quality bird homes, but we’re here to take you under our wing. My Pet Warehouse will do our best to help you envisage the products available by providing you with accurate measurements, making placement easier.

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