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Feathered friend feeling peckish? Buy bird food online!

Bird food that is formulated to be nutritionally balanced will do wonders for your bird’s health. A balanced diet is just as important to your pet bird as an appropriate bird cage.

If you desire an easy way to buy bird food in bulk then My Pet Warehouse can help. Our reasonable shipping fees mean that your food will arrive at your door in no time and at the least expense to you.

The best part is, apart from clicking your mouse; you don’t have to lift a finger.

Bird food brands available

My Pet Warehouse stock several different brands of bird food including Vetafarm, Wombaroo and Passwell. Each of these brands has different types of feed. This can be either bird seed, pellets, fruit, nuts or a mixture of one or more types.

All of the brands available have been designed to provide optimum nutrition for your pet bird, meaning they can live a long and healthy life.

Since some birds can be a bit picky, you might have to try a few types before your bird decides on his favourite.

Bird treats and snacks

A little birdy once told us that birds like treats and snacks too!

Fruit and nut mixes are fattening in large doses but work well as an occasional treat. Not only do they taste good to your bird but they’ll break up the monotony of their everyday food.

My Pet Warehouse is the ideal place to buy bird food online in Australia. We have a huge range of products and all orders have a speedy turnaround time.