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Vet care products for your bird

Have you got a poorly parrot or a feverish finch? Perhaps it’s just time to worm your feathered friend? We have plenty of bird care products to assist with health issues and ailments both common and uncommon.

Trusted bird care brands

We stock a range of trusted bird medication brands including Avitrol and Vetafarm. Here you’ll find treatments for mite protection, worming products and supplements to keep your feathered friend happy and healthy.

Available bird care products

Our bird veterinary care products can be divided into two areas – prevention and treatment.

Preventative care features wormers, mite and lice protection as well as hygiene products like Vetafarm Aviclens water cleanser. As a bird parent you’ll know which of these products you need to use throughout the year to keep them protected. If you’re unsure, seek some advice from your veterinarian.

Treatments and supplements such as vitamins and other remedies work to prevent illnesses by boosting your bird’s immune system. Our range of treatments include insecticides, miticides and Coccidiosis treatment. We predominantly stock a wide range of balanced and nutritious feed to keep them happy on the inside too. No matter how they fare – it’s important to keep them well fed.

Buying bird health products online

It’s never been easier to shop online for your bird. Check out our selection of health care products and stock up to create your own little birdy first aid kit! It’s always a good idea to have some supplies on hand for emergencies.

Make sure your first aid kit contains mite and lice spray, bird worming liquid and water soluble vitamin supplement.