Black Hawk is popular, premium and affordable

Black Hawk is fast becoming Australia’s most popular locally made premium food. Affordable and packed with high-quality ingredients, Black Hawk pet food not only tastes delicious, but it’s a holistic choice that will improve your furry friend’s overall health. 

Listening to the guidance of pet food nutritionists, each mix of Black Hawk dog and cat food is designed to help your companion look and feel their best.  Each bag and can of food is made with Emu Oil which is naturally high in Omega 3, 6 and 9. This special ingredient contains natural healing properties and is high in protein while being low in cholesterol. 

Choose from a range of options like Black Hawk Puppy, breed-specific recipes and grain free food, you’ll find the next mealtime favourite for your pup or feline friend in the Black Hawk range. 

Black Hawk dog food will satisfy doggos of all shapes and sizes

Black Hawk dog food provides a complete and balanced diet, with premium ingredients that will meet all your pups' vitamin and mineral needs. Whether your doggo is licking their lips for Black Hawk wet food or prefers the crunch of Black Hawk dog biscuits, there’s a recipe to suit. 

Find the perfect feast in a range of breed-specific mixes tailored to look after dogs of all shapes and sizes. Black Hawk dry food for smaller breeds is made with little mouths in mind. The kibble is smaller in size, making them easier to digest. While food for larger breeds will give your big pup all the energy and protein their need to power through their day. 

Nurture your puppies growth with Black Hawk puppy food

It’s no secret that growing puppies need a nutritious diet dished up right from the start of their lives. Black Hawk puppy food is a complete and balanced diet that helps build strong muscles, healthy bones and teeth. Find a flavour that they love with chicken, lamb and fish recipes and get their tails wagging while you support their growth. 

Black Hawk cat food is a delicious meal for your feline friends

Black Hawk cat food is packed full of tasty flavours and all the good stuff they need like high-quality protein and good fats. Black Hawk cat food comes in a range of dry and wet and can be combined to add variety to their diets. Black Hawk’s cat dry food is ideal because it’s made with smaller sized kibble that’s easier to eat - even the fussiest of felines won’t be able to resist! It’s top notch kibble for your top cat.

Black Hawk can also take care of growing kittens with specific formulas developed to meet their nutritional needs and help support growth. Black Hawk kitten food is a great source of omega 3 and fatty acids that will help take care of their overall health and wellbeing. 

Black Hawk FAQ

Is Black Hawk dog food good?

We never suggest one food is better than another. It's important to really understand your dog or cat's own nutritional needs. If they have specific requirements, like cattle and working dogs, then they'll need a high protein diet. Black Hawk caters to pets of all needs, life stages and breeds. Large or small, grain free or high protein, there's a Black Hawk food tailor made for all Aussie pets.

Where to buy Black Hawk dog food?

You can browse the range of Black Hawk dog food Australia wide right here online. My Pet Warehouse has a bag or can to suit your pup. You can also choose from a range of sizes and buy bulk with options like Black Hawk 20kg.

How much Black Hawk should you feed your dog?

The right feeding amount will differ across brands, sizes and energy needs. Larger breeds will need more food, whereas smaller breeds will need a little less. A working dog will need more food to burn than a lazy senior. Find the right amount on the back of your Black Hawk food bag or can.

Is Black Hawk grain free?

If your dog suffers from allergies, has irritated skin or patchy fur, it's often advised that they try a grain free diet. Grain free diets are offered in the Black Hawk range and can support healthier gut function, good digestion and an improvement in the quality of stools, among other benefits. Without glutens and cereals in the food, your dog will be able to digest their food comfortably while still enjoying a super tasty meal. There's no sacrifice to flavour or palatability.

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