Breeders Choice Cat Litter is Australia's Favourite Environmentally Friendly Cat Litter

Does your cat stand outside the litter box and kick mess everywhere before sauntering away? You’re not alone. Kitties are born with the urge to disguise their business from the moment they squeak their first mew. While wild and outside cats use dirt, top soils and leaf litter to hide scent-marking waste, indoor kitties can only work with what we give them. Mimic their lives in the wild with Breeders Choice. This dust-free cat litter is lightweight and easy to move for every paw, delivering a sterile environment free from chemical nasties and additives that can impact feline systems. Made from 99% recycled paper, you can feel good about making a sustainable choice while minimising tracking and boosting litter box absorption. It’s a win for you, a win for your cat and a win for the climate.

Breeders Choice Litter is Rabbit-Safe

Bunnies are sensitive little souls, with touchy respiratory systems to match. Breeders Choice is the perfect alternative to shredded paper, providing the same softness to little bunny claws and kitty paws alike without the fear of long-term issues.

Breeders Choice FAQ

What is Breeders Choice made from?

Water, paper and air... and nothing else. This Australian made cat litter is compost-friendly (although it depends on your local council) and biodegradable, leaving no trace behind, just as nature intended. Formulated into uniquely packed pellets, cat owners can choose between the Breeders Choice 30L or 15L bags.

Is Breeders Choice litter flushable?

We do not recommend flushing Breeders Choice litter. Composting used litter will provide a more sustainable and trouble-free option.

How often do I need to change my Breeders Choice litter?

You should top up your litter regularly and remove solids once there’s one or two in the litter box. Your cat may be less than pleased if you forget, so scrub out their tray completely and fill with fresh litter at least twice a week. Tip: For every scoop add an extra layer of pellets to freshen up between deep cleans.

Is Breeders Choice Litter easy to clean?

Breeders Choice is virtually dust free, so as long as you are quick to clean up after your cat, the litter will stay in relatively good shape, making it quick and easy to clean. Breeders Choice is soft and sturdy, so it feels nice on the paws and won't crumble entirely when you go to scoop it.

My cat is eating their litter, is Breeders Choice safe to use?

Let's not dance around this, some cats are weird. They love sneaking a little snack of litter pellets. If this sounds like your cat it's important not to pick a crystal litter as these can upset the tummy if ingested. Breeders Choice is safe, non-toxic and in the event it's ingested, it won't cause any real upset to their tums.

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