Recycled cat litter

Breeders Choice is made from 99% recycled paper with no additives or chemicals. It's uniquely formulated, lightweight and economical. People love Breeders Choice because of it's value for money and dust-free composition. You can trust that there will be far less tracking and mess after making the switch to Breeders Choice. Enviro-friendly, you can also use the used litter in your garden as a sustainable alternative to adding to waste.

Breeders Choice FAQ

How often do I need to change my Breeders Choice litter?

It is recommended that you top up your litter regularly and remove solids once there's one or two in the litter tray. Every time you scoop, add an extra layer of pellets to freshen it up. You'll find your cat will be less comfortable using their litter if it's not clean, so try changing over the entire tray contents at least twice a week and replace with fresh litter.

My cat is eating their litter, is Breeders Choice safe to use?

Let's not dance around this, some cats are weird. They love sneaking a little snack of litter pellets. If this sounds like your cat it's important not to pick a crystal litter as these can upset the tummy if ingested. Breeders Choice is safe, non-toxic and in the event it's ingested, it won't cause any real upset to their tums.

Is Breeders Choice easy to clean?

Breeders Choice is virtually dust free, so as long as you are prompt to clean up after your cat, the litter will stay in relatively good shape making it quick and easy to clean. Breeders Choice is soft and sturdy, so it feels nice on the paws and won't crumble entirely when you go to scoop it.

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