You know a pet food must be good when it’s human grade – that means it’s literally good enough for you to eat. The Canidae range is like no other – it caters for all life stages and contains totally natural ingredients to keep your dog or cat at their absolute best every day, all day.

Canidae wet and dry mixes contain absolutely no wheat, antibiotics, hormones, artificial colours or flavours whatsoever. No fillers means no hidden nasties in their food. You’ll notice your dog or cat will be looking healthier and feeling their best when they’re eating Canidae. The secret is in Canidae’s ingredients list – there aren’t many ingredients in each pack! They believe using less ingredients is more and keeps the natural flavour.

Canidae offers grain free options such as Pure Sea, Pure Elements and Pure Land. Grain free options are a fantastic alternative for pets with sensitive tummies or those who suffer from allergies. The Canidae range is made with quality ingredients and has a fresh, meaty flavour. Canidae contains loads of omega 3 and 6 as well as essential vitamins and minerals for the best results.

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