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Your bed is their bed - all beds are cat beds?

Cats love to sleep. On your lap. On the couch. On your bed. On the table. Your frisky furball can spend anywhere up to fifteen hours a day stretching out and snoozing, so it stands to reason that a cat’s bed is anywhere they lay their head. While we can’t guarantee our range of luxury cat beds will tempt your resident snoozer away from your favourite pillow full time, we do know most cats love their own space. Under those sweet looks and plaintive meows lies a territorial animal waiting to claim every nook and cranny of your home. What’s yours is theirs and anything with “cat” in the name, well, it’s obvious where this is going, right?

Cat bed or cat fad?

We know cat servants (also known as human owners) love snuggling up with a big ball of purr after a long day, but a pet bed is more than a separate sanctuary they can find when they’re over your petting style - it’s good for their bodies too. The right surface supports muscle and joint health, balancing out weight distribution while controlling how much cat hair is flying around the floor.

Help! My cautious kitty is ignoring their cat house

Felines feel like they rule the world, and if they can’t have it all, they’ll settle for whatevers yours. Win the battle by paying attention to where they love to sleep - maybe they sneak into your wardrobe for a short nap or steal a bit of slumber under the coffee table while you watch TV - and place their comfortable cat bed on the same spot, showing them you’re paying attention to their preferences. You can also try incentives like delicious kitty treats or catnip, although not all cats react the same way and some may run away with the treat firmly in their stomach.

Is your feline on the fancy side?

Coax your comfort driven creature onto their new sleep pad with heated cat bedding. Perfect for kittens and older cats, this winter warmer helps vulnerable cats maintain body temperature and support the healing process for sick or injured cats.