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Cat beds for cat naps

Not only do we have beds for cat naps, we also have cat beds that will induce hours and hours of deep slumber. The My Pet Warehouse online store has a variety of different shaped beds including the cat igloo bed and snuggly hidey holes.

What to look for in a cat bed

Are you fed up with rolling over in bed and getting cat hair stuck to your face? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to choose a bed for your cat that is enticing enough to keep them away from your bedroom pillows.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. My Pet Warehouse stock a range of cat beds online for your feline friend, including the famous Snooza and Fuzzyard brands. You’ll have a choice based on comfort, washability, shape, size and colour.

Choosing cat bedding

If your cat loves to disappear for a nap, they might be suited to a hidey-hole style bed. Hidey-holes will allow your cat to wriggle into the bed and feel protected.

For those cats who like to keep one eye open whilst they sleep an igloo bed might be more their style. This shape will allow them to snuggle up comfortably whilst still being able to see the world around them.

Then there are the cats who like to sprawl out. If you have a kitty that resembles a starfish when sleeping then a flat shaped bed might be more appropriate.

No matter what your cat’s sleeping style is, we’ll have something that is just purr-fect!