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Cat carriers for (almost) stress-free travel

Most cats run kicking and screaming at the mere site of a cat carrier. Despite this at one time or another, your cat is going to have to go in one whether that is for a trip to the vet, when you’re moving house or a visit to the cattery.

Your cat may never enjoy being in her travel carrier but the best thing you can do is provide a suitable and safe carrier crate for when it’s needed. This will make travelling with your cat as stress-free as possible.

Choosing a cat carrier

When choosing a carrier for your cat, firstly you must ensure that it’s not too large or too small. If it is too big your cat won’t feel safe and may slide around during transit. If it is too small your cat will begin to panic. Ideally, your cat should have enough room to stand up and turn around in a circle.

Our ranges of carriers have different levels of visibility. Some have walled sides with air vents whereas others feature a wired cage top where cats can see their surroundings. Some cats may feel safer with walls whilst others may like to view outside the carrier.

Introducing the cat to the carrier

Don’t forget to get your cat used to the carrier a long time before you intend to use it. Encourage them to eat, play and sleep in the carrier. Hopefully this means that they won’t associate their cat crate solely with something negative, like being whisked off to the vet.

Buying cat carriers online

My Pet Warehouse stock a few different sized carriers online and the dimensions are listed to help you choose the correct size. We are also happy to provide carrier recommendations based on our experience.