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Avoid a cat-astrophe with our cat clean up products

For animals that spend hours cleaning themselves, cats sure are messy!

They leave behind little trails of destruction – scratched furniture, upturned pot plants and torn venetian blinds… As if this isn’t enough there are also their unsavoury toilet habits.

Fortunately, the My Pet Warehouse team have got your back. The ranges of cat repellent, cat clean up and odour control products available will have you smiling like a Cheshire cat in no time.

Cat clean up products for scratching

There’s always that one spot on the couch that seems to seduce your cat into clawing the living daylights out of it. Even after purchasing a new scratching post, the old spot on the sofa is still as tempting as ever.

You’ll find some cat clean up products in our online store that will help you deal with her wayward claws. This includes sticky strips (cats hate the feel of them) and various types of cat repellent.

Cat clean up products for bathroom behaviour

Whether your cat is intentionally marking its territory or your kitten has an accident, cat urine must be removed properly. It must be cleaned with a special cleaner that can remove the deep remnants of urine otherwise the smell will return again and again.

As well as litter essentials, we stock urine odour and stain removers, like Urine Off for cats. Urine Off cat spray is designed specifically for removing the deep-seated smell and stain of cat urine.

Even when a cat uses a designated area, like a litter box, it can still be a bit unpleasant. In our store you’ll also find other cat odour control products including litter deodorant and odour absorbing sprays.

Want to avoid cat litter all together? We even have a training system to teach your cat how to use a human toilet!