The benefits of using a cat repellent

Ask any cat owner - they don’t care about things. They don’t care about your new sofa or the fragility of your new silk bedspread. They don’t understand why you’re not scratching, jumping and running around, adding your mark to the furniture and making long gouges in your leather lounge. And while they don’t get it, they’re not being naughty, they’re just being cats. Redirect their energy elsewhere with a cat deterrent - cat repellents are a safe and easy method for controlling where our fur friends play without punishing them for their instinctive behaviour.

There’s a cat deterrent for every pawsible situation

Depending on your cat and the problem, you may not have to invest in specialised sprays. Outdoor issues can sometimes be solved by potting a number of cat repellent plants, including lavender, rosemary,rue and lemon thyme. Cats also struggle to get past citrus - there’s something about it that tickles their noses - so when it comes to cat repellent plants for the garden, think about where the offending cat or cats are sneaking in. Over the fence? Under the gate? And have a few pot plants of each near these entry points - you’ll end up with a beautiful smelling and sometimes edible yard without the worry of finicky felines ruining your mood. You can also try spreading fresh orange and lemon peels around the garden - these fruity leftovers can prevent cats marking their territory.

If you’re dealing with inside damage, a cat repellent spray will soon get their senses into a spin - a few even bursts across your “no scratching” areas will send a clear but low-toxic message - not cat claws allowed. Try to incentivise at the same time, dosing a nearby cat tree or scratching post with catnip and showing your pet you’re still on their side.

There’s no one size fits all method of repelling cats inside and outside of the house. And while our recommendations have worked for some kitty and homeowners, we urge you to do further research on how to practice cat deterrents both safely and humanely.

For more information on a cat repellent spray specific to your situation, visit your local My Pet Warehouse store or chat to a veterinarian.

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