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Are you becoming tired of incessant ‘meowing’ at the door? Perhaps it’s time to install a cat door. Here at My Pet Warehouse, we stock several different styles depending on where you wish to put them. With a cat door your kitty-cat will be free to come and go as she pleases. This means that she’ll have the independence to take herself outside and you can watch an episode of your favourite show without having to go back and forth from the door like a yoyo.

Brands we stock are at the forefront of pet door technology. Our Cat Mate range includes electromagnetic cat doors in both brown and white - together with all the magnets and accessories required.

Benefits of cat doors

A cat flap is very convenient, whether you spend a lot of time at home with your cat or if you work long hours. Of course, it allows them to get outside to do their business, which means fewer accidents in the house. Additionally it will prevent scratches on your doors and allow your cat to seek entertainment outside.

Installing a door for your cat in Australia also reduces the amount of heat let into your house by regularly opening or leaving the door open for your cat. All Cat Mate pet doors also have a weather-proof magnetic closure that blocks out the elements - which means no cold air wafting through your home.

Doors in glass

My Pet Warehouse stock doors for windows or glass sliding doors. Their minimalistic design looks great and provides all the benefits of having a doggy door.

For installation, just contact your glazier to have him cut a hole to suit the measurements of the new cat door.

Doors in timber

My Pet Warehouse also has dog doors online that are designed to be installed in wooden doors. The doors have white or brown frames to match the colour of your door.