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Who let the paws out? Your dependable cat door did

Stop saying ‘Just wait a meowment,’ to your nagging cat - installing a cat door in your home can help you and your furry pet live their nine lives confidently and safely. Cat owners know that their purry companion can often handle their own business, making the installation of a cat door an easy decision. But knowing what kind of cat flap is the right choice can be challenging - size, type, materials, door type - there’s a lot to consider if you’re not already familiar with cat doors!

A Bored Cat is a Sad Cat

Monotony and lack of exercise are the enemy of any cat - they need to run, play, stalk, scratch, dig and scour, and you don’t want them to do most of those inside. By giving them access to a human-picked and responsibly sheltered environment, you’re investing in their kitty wellbeing, allowing them to really stretch their legs and generally be a cat in ways purely inside cats can’t. A cat flap door leading to a secure cat run or cat-proofed yard tells them you trust their ability to manage their indoor/outdoor split, potentially minimising the amount of time you clean their litter box and reducing the odour, dust and dirt litter can bring into the home.

Cat doors for every door type

There are plenty of cat doors that can be fitted in your window, wall or door. Do you have a sliding door backing onto a lush yard? Fitting a cat door for sliding doors will give them easy access to do their thing while giving you clear visibility to their whereabouts. Gone are the days of meows and desperate door scratches, four way locking cat flaps and sensor controlled cat doors make the transition between indoor play and outdoor fun easy on everyone - feline and humans alike.

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