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Cat food online for all shapes and sizes.

A cat's unique anatomy means that they have specific nutritional requirements, and since most cats are fussy - it's got to taste good. A healthy diet is crucial for your cat’s overall wellbeing and here at My Pet Warehouse we know that when your cat is cared for on the inside, they’ll look healthy on the outside. That's why we stock some of the leading cat nutrition brands in Australia (and the world), and are always on the prowl for what's new.

Breed Specific

Breed specific food embraces the difference between cat breeds, and provides nutrition based on their exact requirements. This includes ingredients for their unique coats, fur and physique. We have a great range of breed specific brands stocked by Royal Canin, check them out here.

Speciality diet

For all the sensitive cats out there, we also stock a range of speciality diet cat food online. These types of food are enriched with various nutrients to combat common oral and dental issues, digestive problems and hairballs. Speciality diet brands stocked by My Pet Warehouse include Science Diet, Pro Plan, Advance, Iams and more. If your furry feline requires something more specific, please see our vet and prescription food for cats after consultation with your vet.

Age specific

Kittens have so much growing to do yet their tummies are still pretty little. Kitten food gives them the energy they need in a manageable quantity. When they reach adulthood their energy requirements change and a suitable adult food is needed to satisfy their appetite. Senior cats benefit greatly from an age specific food. The food is fortified so that weight gain is avoided. Most brands of food for cats develop age specific food. Some brands stocked by My Pet Warehouse include Whiskas and Science Diet cat food.


Cat treats are another great away of developing good oral health and getting good nutrition into their diet, not to mention that we like to treat our fur babies from time to time. We stock a selection of treats that's bound to grab any cat's attention.