Everything you need to know about dental cat food

Cats may be able to take care of their own grooming needs, but they need a little help when it comes to their teeth. Dental problems are one of the most common reasons for a visit to the vet. Brushing your kitty’s teeth is always going to be the best way to maintain their dental health. However, even if you have the most relaxed cat, that task is likely to still be a challenge. That is where dental cat food can help. 

Finding the purrfect dental care cat food

Feline dental care cat food can help reduce plaque, stains and tartar build-up while also reducing the number of bacteria in their mouth. 

The action of chewing dry biscuits is mildly abrasive. The biscuits are designed to scrub the teeth surface to help remove plaque and tartar. Dry food can also stimulate the gums. Some formulas of dental care cat food also contain an anti-tartar agent that traps the calcium in salvia, preventing it from ending up on the teeth as tartar. 

Give them a healthy smile with oral care cat food

While they may not need your help with grooming, you give your cat some extra TLC by looking after their dental health. With a healthy mouth, you can enjoy your snuffles without the bad breath.

With free delivery on orders over $49.95 and same day processing (before 2pm), looking after your kitty’s teeth doesn’t need to be as painful as a toothache. If you need help, feel free to contact our cat enthusiasts.

Dental Cat Food Q&A

What's good for cats teeth?

Brushing your cat’s teeth is always going to be the best thing for them. Dental toys are also a great alternative to food. They might be a little fussier than their canine counterparts, but a little splash of catnip will make any chew a little more enticing.

How can I clean my cat's teeth naturally?

A natural alternative to food is brushing! Ideally, brush their teeth once a day. At the minimum aim for twice a week. Cat’s can be difficult to handle, so try a tool like a finger glove. Make sure to use cat toothpaste, avoiding the nasty fluoride in human toothpaste that can make them sick. We recommended adding water from a can of tuna to make them a little more cooperative.

What is better for cats milk or water?

Many people think that milk is a great treat for cats, but a large majority of cats are lactose intolerant. Drinking milk can lead to an upset stomach and diarrhea. Instead, give them what they really need: water. Keep a clean glass or bowl around to keep them hydrated and healthy.

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