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Pamper your kitty with our cat grooming products

Cats tend to keep themselves clean so cat grooming doesn’t need to be done very often. When you do wash your cat, make sure you’re only using feline products including shampoos and conditioners.

You’ll find cat products online in our store including cat shampoo, conditioner and hairball prevention spray.

Cat Brushes

Brushing your cat doesn’t need to be a painful experience. Cat brushes are specifically made to keep your cat saying meow and not me-OUCH. They work to gently untangle the knots and burrs in your cat’s coat without pulling or catching on their fur.

Whether you’re looking for a fine cat comb or a thicker, bristled brush we’ve got the right one for your cat in store. Check out our helpful guide on choosing the right brush for your cat.

Cat shampoo and conditioner

Having a cat-friendly shampoo and conditioner is a must for every cat owner. There are loads of traditional and waterless shampoos and conditioners available, so no matter what your cat prefers, we’ve got just the thing to suit them.

For long haired cats, consider hairball prevention spray to compliment the conditioner. These products will assist in preventing their hair matting or knotting, so brushing them becomes a breeze!

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Does my cat need bathing?

Outdoor cats with long haired coats are more likely to need constant bathing. Their hair gets dirtier quicker than indoor cats and cats with short hair so it’s a good idea to wash them regularly.

Cats with sensitive skin or allergies will also benefit from more frequent bathing to ensure that allergens and dirt are washed away, leaving your cat clean and healthy. With age, cats tend to clean themselves less often. If you have a senior cat and you’re noticing they’re getting a little dirty, help them out by bathing them when necessary.

If your cat has had fleas then they’ll need a bath and groom to ensure they’re flea-free again!