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Scoop up a bargain on our range of cat litter solutions

If you are a cat owner who is always looking for the next big thing in cat litter, then you have come to the right place! Even if you like to stick with ‘old faithful’ (the basic square tray) - we’ve got you covered. At My Pet Warehouse, we have an extensive range of litter and boxes online.

Our selection of boxes

We stock a huge range of litter solutions from domes and trays to hooded trays and self-cleaning boxes. You’ll be able to choose from popular styles like the Booda hooded clean step tray and the Cat Quarters cat litter box enclosure.

If there’s not enough room to swing a cat in your house we have small cat litter boxes that fit conveniently into spaces such as a laundry. If you have plenty of room to spare we have litter houses to suit multi cat homes.

Litter boxes to solve common problems

Is your cat trekking litter throughout your house? We have a litter mat that can help you. Perhaps the litter box is a bit whiffy? We stock litter domes with filters.

Whether your cat is a digger, scratcher or flicker you’ll find the ideal tray at My Pet Warehouse.

Our different types

Technological advancements and kitty litter are not two things you would expect to see in the same sentence. Although it sounds a bit strange there have been a lot of improvements in its quality and selection of, which has made caring for cats easier than ever.

The four most common types of litter are clay based, clumping litter, bio-degradable litter and cat litter crystals. All of these types are available in our online store.

There are heaps to choose from, so go ahead and take your pick of the litter.