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Make them feline top of the world with a cat tree

Cats are contrary creatures, sliding in for a snuggle one minute and attacking your couch the next. It may seem random and maybe a little naughty, but your favourite feline needs to scratch, similar to how we need to blink or yawn when we’re tired. Cat trees channel that instinct into a claw-friendly location, allowing your kitty to remove dead layers of skin and nail, mark their territory and stretch their feet and claws without redecorating your couch, bed and cushions.

Every cat needs at least one scratching post to capture this instinctive behaviour - remember, you should never discourage your cat from the action of scratching (or declaw them), but like dogs, cats need to be shown what we expect. If you notice deep claw marks down the leg of your sofa, it’s time to give them their own territory, somewhere to scratch, relax and survey the scene - somewhere like the top of a cat tower.

Where to place your cat scratching tree

Cat fact - they rule the roost. Make sure their perch is located in a spacious area, ideally the living room, central to the action but removed from it too, giving them the best view possible from their cat climbing tree without impacting their need for peace and quiet. You want your furball to feel safe, happy and excited about their new digs, as some cat towers double as cat houses after a long day of cuddles, stalking and chasing toys.

Some kitties aren’t impressed by cat trees at first glance - they’re happy with the way things are, thank you very much. Help them transition their focus by placing a smaller cat scratching post or temporary scratch pad in front of their favourite scratch sites and  slowly redirect their attention away from your furnishings and onto the soft but tough fabrics of their cat towers. We recommend enticing them with their chosen toys, a few treats and a liberal dose of catnip to sweeten the deal.

Cat trees are the cat’s meow

While handy folk can craft their own cat scratching posts, we offer a range of cat climbing trees that save time, money and potential frustration, as your kitties may take your handy attempts as a game on its own. Explore our range of durable cat towers online or visit us in-store and choose a furniture-grade scratching post with the help of one of our cat enthusiasts