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Save your furniture. Buy a cat scratching post

Interacting with a cat scratching post is like yoga for your cat. It’s relaxing, relieves stress and also works her muscles. The urge to claw is engrained in your cat therefore to prevent her from scratching your sofa you should invest in a sturdy cat scratcher.

Why cats need to scratch

Firstly, scratching is a form of exercising. It is also a pleasurable experience for your cat and keeps her nails in tip-top condition. In addition to this, scratched surfaces work as a territorial marker since they show that there is a cat living in the area.

Types of scratchers

We have several different designs of cat scratchers online made from material cats love. We have the standard cat scratching pole and other shapes such as benches and inclines. You can also find larger cat scratching trees that feature multiple levels and places to hide. For a playful kitten, we also have interactive cat scratchers that include rotating drums with feathers and other enticing toys.

Cats generally have a preference in the material of their scratcher and our range covers the popular sisal, carpet and cardboard cat scratchers. If you are looking to replace the material on your cat’s beloved cat scratcher, My Pet Warehouse have scratching post sleeves and carpet available.

Buy cat scratchers online

Buying cat scratching posts online through My Pet Warehouse couldn’t be simpler, simply choose online and we'll dispatch it from one of our dispatch centres in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Spend over $49.99 and we'll ship your cat's scratcher for free!