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Everyone knows that cats have nine lives so we’re here to help make every one of them awesome! There’s a multitude of cat supplies out there and as a pet owner you have to make every decision for your cat. After all, they can’t talk!

With lots of choices, it can sometimes be difficult but just remember some of the most basic needs are the most important when shopping for cat supplies online. A few things that every cat needs are food, entertainment, a cat litter tray and health care.

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Essential Cat Products Like Food

My Pet Warehouse stocks a huge range of popular food online and in store for cats. You often hear the phrase ‘finicky feline’ and that’s for one reason only – cats are fussy! Our range ensures that there is always something your kitty will find appetising.

Depending on the age and breed of your cat there are several categories that might interest you:

Cat on red sofa!

Cat Accessories For Their Entertainment

More and more cats are becoming indoor-only pets and because of this you need to encourage mental and physical stimulation. The best way to do this is by getting them a scratching post or cat tree.

You’ll also find interactive toys for your kitty and toys you can play with together. Also, don’t forget to give your kitty a comfortable bed as they’ll take lots of cat naps throughout the day.

Cat Litter Trays

It doesn’t matter if your cat is a flicker, digger, or scraper; we’ll have the right type of litter to suit you and your cat. Clumping, non-clumping, clay, paper or crystals…The choice is up to you!

The type of cat litter box may also affect your cat’s toileting habits so we offer simple square litter trays and more elaborate enclosed cat litter boxes.

Health Care Cat Products

Felines need a delicate balance of nutrients to remain healthy and all these are provided by selecting the right food. You should also regularly administer cat flea and worming treatment. It’s very important to only give them designated cat worming tablets and flea control as dog treatments are detrimental to their health.

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