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Move over ball of yarn, there’s some new cat toys in town.

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a kitten play with a cat toy. The sheer surprise and delight on her face is a joy to watch. Kittens learn a lot about the world through playing; this is why it’s important to provide them with quality cat toys.

The play shouldn’t stop as the cat ages either. Playing with toys is a form of entertainment and will keep them from finding other unsuitable items to play with in the house. On top of that, encouraging play through toys is a great way to reduce obesity in cats - as it keeps them moving, and satisfies their predatory instincts.

Cat toys are fun for the both of you!

So they may not fetch like Fido but you can have a great time playing with your cat. In our online store we have plenty of cat toys and accessories, which are designed for you two to play together.

Dangling wand toys are a great way to play with your cat, whilst keeping your hands away from those sharp claws. With several different styles of cat wands in our online store, your cat will never be bored with what’s on offer.

Cat toys are boredom busters

You can’t always be on hand to play with your cat so you’ll also find toys and accessories that your kitty can play with solo. These include interactive toys such as the Catit Senses range of toys, which appeal to your cat’s senses.

Other cat toys that will keep your cat entertained while you’re out include toys that can be attached to surfaces in your home. These then dangle in your cat’s line of sight and encourage her to bat and swat at them.