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Paw-sitively delicious cat treats online

Every cat deserves a treat now and again. Presenting a few cat treats to your feline friend is a great way to reward behaviour or just to show how much you care. Cats have very specific nutritional requirements so it’s a good idea to give them treats that are designed for felines.

Most of our ranges include added health benefits. Certain treats are designed to reduce tartar and keep your cat’s breath fresh. Others have added Omegas for a shiny coat whilst some cat treats contain taurine for healthy sight.

Different types

As a cat owner it’s probably no surprise to hear that cats can be fussy creatures. If you have a finicky feline you’ll be pleased to see that we have a huge range of cat treats online.

There are flakes and soft cubes, which are easy to chew. There are also cat treats that are crunchy or have a chewy texture like cat jerky. These all come in a variety of flavours such as beef, chicken, fish and cheese.

Brands available

If you are looking for the most popular treats for cats in Australia, you’ll find them in our online store. My Pet Warehouse stock treats from Greenies, Nature’s Gift, Purritos and Temptations.

To be taken in moderation

You don’t want a ‘fat cat’ on your hands so the My Pet Warehouse team advocate that treats are to be fed in moderation. It can be tempting to shower your cat with treats as a sign of your love but treats and snacks should be monitored.