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We’ve got some egg-cellent chicken coops online

If you are looking to welcome some chickens in to your backyard, the first thing you’ll need is a chicken enclosure. It’s easy to buy chicken coops online at My Pet Warehouse. You just find the one you want and then it will be delivered promptly to your door.

Predator proof chicken coops direct to you

Chicken cages aren’t just a place for chickens to sleep. Chicken coops and houses provide safety and security. Unfortunately, chickens are top of the menu for several predators in Australia. Major threats include snakes, cats, dogs, foxes rats and even large birds of prey. See how you can further fox proof your chicken coop here

The better the chicken coop, the better the eggs

Plenty of nesting space will reduce unnecessary stress. All of our coops for sale come with a private nesting box since chickens prefer privacy when laying eggs. A comfortable coop will result in happy chickens and everyone knows happy chickens lay tasty eggs.

Also don’t forget that your chicken cage is not complete without feeders, waterers and a quality chicken feed. All of these chicken supplies are available in our online store.

Poop in the coop

As well as producing eggs, Chickens also create a little…mess.

Our chicken coops and houses are designed so that they’re easy to clean. Most feature a slide out tray, so that soiled bedding can be removed effortlessly.

But with the bad comes the good – poultry manure makes great fertilizer that you can use on your garden plants or veggie patch.