Have a peck at our chicken feeders

Chickens don’t have the best table manners, knocking over feeding trays, upsetting water bowls and generally destroying your carefully planned poultry yard with feathery disagreements or plain old feeding frenzies. Put a stop to Henrietta’s meal-time rampage and invest in a chicken feeder. Your brood will benefit from evenly distributed meals while you focus on things that matter like healthy egg production and happy hobby hens.

Satisfy your thirsty flock with a chicken waterer

What’s a meal without a refreshing beverage to top it off? Ensure your poultry gang stays hydrated with a matching chicken waterer, available in 1L, 3L and 6L sizes. While 6L sounds like a lot of liquid for a bunch of mid-sized birds, your girls (and boys) will need around 500ml each on a mildly temperate day, while searing heat means they’ll gurgle down around one full litre per beak per day. It’s always better to have more than you need in spring than not enough in summer!

Why choose a plastic chicken feeder?

Farm yards are rough and tumble places, exposed to various elements around the clock, not to mention the sharp pecks and scratching claws of always hungry chickens. We carry a range of durable chicken feeders that minimise mess and human contact, meaning you don’t need to be in the yard to shake down the next layer of pellets or move the unit to keep your gaggle of girls fed - the waterfall design lets gravity do the work.

Come home to thicc chooks

If you’re always on the road or find yourself short on time, an automatic chicken feeder will keep your flock clucking along happily until you get home. Built to protect precious pellets from pests and inclement weather, this feeder does require a bit of training - your chickens will soon learn that pressure on the plate leads to an open trough.

If you’re not sure about how many chicken feeders you need, or if you’ve bought the right size chicken waterer, your local My Pet Warehouse team is always on hand to help keep your chicken feed in check.

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