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Balanced chicken feed for healthy chickens and tasty eggs.

You’ve heard the phrase – you are what you eat. Well the same goes for chickens. Not only are well fed chickens healthy, they also produce better tasting eggs.

Healthy chickens and tasty eggs are two highly desirable outcomes for chicken owners. Lucky for you, this is achievable by providing nutritious chicken mix, like the types we have available in our online store.

Chicken food vs. food scraps

Chickens can eat a range of food scraps as long as they aren’t spoiled or mouldy. This can include certain vegetables, fruit, bread and live insects. Your chickens will scratch and peck at these tasty treats, which will entertain them to no end.

In addition to this, include a good quality chicken feed to their diet. This should be high on your list of chicken supplies since a balanced poultry mix will provide your chickens with a balanced diet.

Benefits of providing chicken mix

By including chicken food in your laying hens’ diet you are providing them with energy, protein, vitamins and minerals to support maximum egg production. Most chicken feeds have added calcium, which prevents chickens from consuming their own eggs.

Also, keep in mind that chickens like to eat all day, so a regular supply of chicken feed is important. Choosing a chicken feeder that supplies a continuous source of food is a great way to make sure your chooks always have access to food.

Buying chicken feed online

Avoid lugging bags of poultry food around Melbourne or Sydney by purchasing chicken feed in our online store. Once you’ve purchased the perfect poultry food it will arrive at your door quicker than you can say “Cock-a-doodle-doo”.