Say goodbye to fleas & worms with Comfortis Plus

Your pet is furiously chewing their legs, biting at their belly and generally looking miserable. A quick comb through their fur reveals your initial instincts were correct - yes - your pet has fleas. It’s time for a Comfortis flea treatment.

Every pet owner dreads this moment, but regular flea treatments will ensure their microscopic won’t have long to flourish. Fleas are not uncommon for any animal that plays outside, and they can be a total nightmare for pets and their owners - staying on top of their numbers will make it easier to rid your pet of their itchy, prickly presence.

Comfortis plus for dogs starts killing fleas thirty minutes after application, protecting your pooch for up to thirty days. And forget about isolation - you don’t need to keep your pets separate from the rest of the household after treatment. But will your pet like the taste? Thanks to a very palatable beef flavour, dogs will snap up Comfortis tablets like they’re kibble, making it a stress-free process for all involved.

Protect Against Heartworm with Comfortis Tablets

Fleas may be a nuisance, but they’re quite straightforward to treat. Worms can present more of a challenge. Comfortis treats and controls fleas, intestinal worms and heartworms, thanks to a targeted, protective formula.

Comfortis FAQ

Will Comfortis kill fleas in the house?

There’s no getting around it - fleas are a nuisance. While Comfortis will take care of any fleas on your dog carries around for a full 30-days, we recommend that you thoroughly clean any toys, bed, food bowls or pieces of furniture that could be infested before treating your pet.

Does Comfortis kill flea eggs?

When treating your pet for fleas, you need to act fast. Comfortis starts killing fleas in just thirty minutes, wiping out 100% of fleas on Fido within only 4 hours. While Comfortis doesn’t eliminate flea eggs, its 30-day effectiveness will ultimately destroy any adult flea before they reach the reproductive stage.

Does Comfortis kill ticks?

Comfortis for dogs is a flea-only treatment and has no tick-prevention or control effect. We recommend consulting your veterinarian for solutions against ticks.

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