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Dog Beds - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

When your pooch is dog-tired there’s nothing more he likes to do then curl up in a comfortable dog bed. We’ve got one of the largest selections of beds for dogs online in Australia. Whether your dog is small, tall or somewhere in between, we'll have one to suit them.

You will find a range of different bedding at My Pet Warehouse, all of which are designed with comfort in mind. In fact, they’re so comfy he won’t even waste time doing circles before he lays down.

Types of bedding

Different dogs enjoy sleeping in different positions, so we have a bed to suit your dog no matter what his sleeping style is.

For the dogs who like to stretch out, we stock flat, round styles with room to extend their legs. We have mats and pillows for those pooches who like the feeling of the floor, and for those dogs that seem to think they are too good for the floor we have trampoline dog beds that are raised from the ground. For the puppy princesses - you’ll find fancy designer dog beds that would rival your own mattress. You can also find dog bedding for crates in our online store.

Is your pooch arthritic, ailing or just recovering from surgery? We stock orthopaedic dog beds specially designed for one thing - inducing slumber to get your dog better!

Benefits of a quality dog bed

Of course your dog will get a good night’s sleep, which is important for his health and well-being but did you know there are also benefits for you? A good quality bed will benefit you in a few ways.

For a start, a quality dog bed is easy to keep clean and is more resistant to dirt. Secondly, it will make training easier. Having a quality bed that lasts will enable your dog to have a familiar ‘safe’ spot, which you can train him to go to. Last but not least, you’ll sleep easier too! After all, why would he want to get in your bed when his own is so comfortable?

Ordering online

We send dog beds direct to you in your home. Our range for sale online are available right at your fingertips. Just pick, click and wait for it to be delivered. We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ranges so check back when it’s time to upgrade or you add a new furry member to your family.