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Find out all your dog’s secrets with a canine camera

We have dog books and media products to help you out as a new dog owner. Even if you are an experienced dog owner there’s always something else to know. For example, do you know what your dog gets up to when you’re not there? Would you like to know?

If you are a bit curious about what goes on when your dog is home alone consider buying a dog camera. It’s a fun way to see just what happened before your dog chewed the remote control or supposedly scared the neighbour’s cat.

Dog cameras are fun and practical

Not only is it a hoot to watch back what your dog’s daily activities, it also has practical uses. For example, a video playback could alert you to a reason why your dog is sick or injured. Video playback from the dog camera can also help you see potential dangers or hazards to your dog.

Since the canine camera is at eye level, you’ll be able to see exactly what your dog sees. So any new holes in the garden fence or dangerous protruding objects will be obvious.

The dog camera that we stock at My Pet Warehouse is from DOGTEK.

Psst…Dog cameras work on cats too!

The dog camera from DOGTEK is also approved to use on cats as well. Unlike dogs, outdoor cats have the ability to venture outside of the home. Some cats even cover a lot of distance on their daily trek and camera footage could reveal a lot about where your cat goes.

Watching playback of your cat however is not for the faint of heart. In fact you might want to stay in the dark about the potentially dangerous situations your cat might land herself in!