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Our dog bowls get the lick of approval

Your dog would probably eat his dinner off the pavement if he needed to. Despite this fact, it is important for your dog to have a good set of dog bowls.

A dog bowl is a staple supply for all dog owners. You’ll find a wide choice at My Pet Warehouse including feeders. We’ve got big bowls, small bowls, plain bowls and brightly coloured bowls. We even have automatic dog food dispensers and sophisticated drinking stations.

Choosing a dog bowl

We get that your dog doesn’t have that much interest in the way their bowl looks, as long as they like the look of what goes in it!

Choosing a bowl that’s right for your dog is crucial for their wellbeing and digestive health. If your dog is a bit of a guts, you might like to try a ‘go slow’ bowl to slow down their eating. These bowls are like little mazes and they act as obstacles between your dog and their food.

For messy dogs, bowls and mats will help manage the mess and excess food. Our range also includes some gorgeous designer bowls we guarantee you’ll love.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel bowls are the best kind of outdoor bowls. They’re durable and very easy to clean. Most stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe and include little rubber stoppers on the base so that the bowl stays in one place when your dog goes to take a drink or eat their dinner.


Ceramic bowls are a sturdy type of bowl. While they are more fragile than Stainless Steel bowls, they are available in plenty of cool designs to personalise your dog’s gear. Easy to clean, these bowls are extremely hygienic.

Collapsible Dog Bowl

A collapsible dog bowl is a compact solution to keeping your dog hydrated on the go. The bowls are made from waterproof materials and are completely collapsible. Ideal for taking on camping trips or even out on your daily walks.

Elevated Dog Bowls

These are ideal for larger and taller dogs, it saves them from straining their necks just to have a feed or get a drink. Having an elevated bowl for your dog also means that they will benefit from an improved digestive system. It’s a win-win!

Basic bowls and feeders

We stock loads of bowls from different designer brands that come in all sorts of sizes and colours. Whether you’re looking for something ceramic, plastic or stainless steel, we’re bound to have something that meets your requirements in stock now.

For families with two fur babies, why not consider a dual bowl to save money and time cleaning in the long run?

Special bowls and feeders

By keeping a dog food dispenser, you can regulate your dog’s eating patterns. These feeders are great for people who work varying hours because it makes sure that even if you aren’t home your dog will be getting fed.

The same goes for dog drinking fountains – they keep water flowing 24/7, so their water stays fresh and bubbly. No need to continually change over their water – the fountain does it all for you so your dog can stay hydrated!