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Stylish and practical dog fashion

Many dog owners don’t know how to feel about dogs in clothes. Some people love the idea of dressing dogs up in attractive outfits and others feel it’s acceptable in a utilitarian sense. At My Pet Warehouse, we agree with both points of view.

This is why we choose to stock dog coats and dog clothes that are practical yet stylish. After all, there’s no harm in looking good!

Does my dog need a coat?

If you have a toy dog or a short haired dog you’ll know that their tolerance of the cold is quite low. These are the types of dogs that would really benefit from dog coats and sweaters.

If you see that your dog is shivering or climbing all over you in order to steal your body heat then you may want to purchase a couple of dog jumpers for colder days. We have a range of jumpers including simple designs and some that could be described as dog fashion.

A waterproof dog coat is useful for any type of dog as during rainy walks it will prevent them from getting soaked to the bone.

Styles of dog coats and jumpers

My Pet Warehouse has an extensive range of dog clothes suitable for small, medium and large dogs. We also have heaps of styles. There are simple styles in plain colours if you want something conservative and bright designs and patterns if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Our dog coats online are listed with sizes but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Also, please see our blog post and video on how to measure for dog coats and clothes.