Weekend safety check - did you pack a dog life jacket?

You’re out on the water, the wind’s in your hair and your best buddy is perched beside you, ears flapping in the breeze. Very few things compare to sharing your love of the great outdoors with a furry family member, but safety should always be front of mind. A dog life jacket keeps your buddy out of trouble at the beach, on a lake, cruising down the river or even in the pool. While some dogs are strong swimmers, even Irish water spaniels get tired - struggling to stay afloat should never be a worry when you’re kilometres from land.

But will a pet life jacket get uncomfortable for my four-legged pal?

Some dogs live for their days by the sea, chasing waves and diving into the ocean. Unfortunately, not all breeds have buoyant bodies or long legs suited to powerful paddling. Shorties like bulldogs and pugs find it difficult to swim for sustained periods of time, requiring the support of a small pet life jacket to maximise their enjoyment. Think of it as an equaliser, ensuring your capable canine can keep up with his friends as they splash into the water and send sand flying in all directions.

How do dog life jackets work?

Durable, buoyant and colourful, dog life jackets allow your dog to paddle freely. Ideal for swimming lessons, older dogs, small dogs and every dog, DFDs encourage the wearer to use all four paws instead of just their front legs, increasing their pulling power and improving their overall confidence.

Thinking about taking your pooch for a swim? Make sure to check your chosen dog life jacket is the right fit with the help of your local My Pet Warehouse team. We’re always on hand to answer any questions!

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