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Grab a dog collar and leash. It’s time for walkies!

It’s hard to tell what time of day is more exciting for dogs – dinner time or walk time…

Dogs love walks because it’s a chance for them to get out of the house, sniff some grass and most importantly spend time with you!

For a successful walk time, you need the right equipment. This comes in the form of a lead and dog collar or dog harness. Choosing the right collar and lead for your dog is important as it ensures his safety and comfort during his walk.

A collar is not only important for walk time. It is also necessary around the home as your dog’s identification tag is attached to it. A dog collar with an easy to read identity tag will aid in the quick return of your dog if he becomes lost.

Dog collars

With heaps of dog collars online there’s bound to be one that suits you (and your dog’s) style. We have thinner collars for smaller breed dogs and thicker collars that are suitable for larger ones. In a rainbow of colours and a multitude of textures you’ll be tempted to buy more than one.A dog’s collar expresses their personality so when owners are set with the task of selecting an appropriate collar, it can be a hard choice! Plenty of brands include colourful designs in their range that are unique, quirky and classy. If you’re looking for something durable and timeless, look no further than a leather dog collar. They’re comfortable to wear and don’t irritate your dog’s skin. Still not sure where to start? Rogz range of collars include plenty of colourful and plain options that can be paired with matching leads and harnesses.

Dog harnesses

Harnesses are highly recommended for certain breeds of dogs especially brachycephalic dogs like Pugs and French Bulldogs. A dog harness prevents pressure around your dog’s neck by dispersing it evenly across their chest and back. Harnesses are also an excellent tool when training your dog obedience – some collars have a no-pull mechanism to teach your dog to heel and walk at a steady pace. The Easy Walk Harness by Gentle Leader is a popular choice in obedience training leads. Dog harnesses aren’t just for walking either – so don’t forget to equip yourself with a car harness to keep your little mate safe in the car.

Dog leads

You’ll find a range of dog leads at My Pet Warehouse so you can be sure your pooch is always safe by your side. You'll find leads in all shapes, sizes, lengths and colours.One of our favourites is Fuzzyard because they have plenty of trendy designs and vibrant patterns in their range. Plus they all have corresponding harnesses and collars available to mix and match. If you’ve got two dogs, consider a dual dog lead to avoid all the tangling and mayhem during walkies.