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Dog crates aren’t cruel, they’re cool!

In Australia, the idea of crating your dog is a new concept. Some people may think it’s cruel to ‘cage’ your dog but a crate should not be viewed as a cage. When used in the right way dog crates can be effective training tools for your puppy or adult dog. It gives them somewhere safe to call their own.

My Pet warehouse have a range of dog crates online suitable for all sized dogs. We stock metal, plastic and fabric crates and carriers. Crates can be used for different reasons - they can be used to crate train your puppy and to transport your dog by car or public transport.

Our airline approved dog crates are safe to use when transporting your dog by plane. We also have portable dog carriers that are designed purely to transport your pet, as well as crates to use at home or for training. Most of these portable crates are completely collapsible for the best manoeuvrability. They’re easy to store away too – buy a handy crate cover and keep it flat packed away for future use.

Choosing a crate or carrier

When selecting a crate or carrier, firstly you need to make sure it’s the right size for your dog. If it’s too big or too small then it won’t be affective, nor will it be comfortable! Ideally your dog will have enough room in their crate to get up and turn in a circle.

Our ranges of dog carriers have different levels of visibility. Some have walled sides with air vents whereas others feature a wired cage top where dogs can see their surroundings. Some dogs may feel safer with walls whilst others may like to view outside the carrier.

When doggie meets carrier

It’s easy to introduce your dog to their new carrier while you’re crate training. Encourage them to spend time eating in the crate, let them sleep in it and have playtime in the crate too. Eventually this means that they’ll associate their crate with positive things and not negative things like going to the vet.

Buying online

It’s easy to buy your carrier and crates online with us. We’ve listed every item’s dimensions here so you can pick one that suits your dog best.