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Stop being a doorkeeper and get a dog door

Scratch to go out. Bark to come in. Scratch to go out. Bark to come in… Sound familiar? You need a doggy door. If you’re concerned about security after installing a doggy door, don’t fret – today’s doggy doors are advanced and will work to keep your dog inside and intruders out!

My Pet Warehouse stock several different styles depending on where you wish to put them.


A dog flap is very convenient whether you spend a lot of time at home with your dog or if you work long hours. Of course, it allows them to get outside to do their business and fewer accidents in the house. It will prevent scratches on your doors and prevent you dog from becoming bored whilst home alone.

Installing a dog door in Australia also reduces the amount of heat let into your house by regularly opening the door for your dog.

Doors in glass

My Pet Warehouse stock dog doors for glass windows or glass sliding doors. Their minimalistic design looks great!

Just contact your glazier to have him cut a whole to suit the measurements of the new door.

Doors in timber

My Pet Warehouse also has doors online that are designed to be installed in wood. The dog doors have white or brown frames to match the colour of your door.

Dog Pens

Whether you keep your dog inside or outside, they can benefit from a dog pen. Dog pens are commonly used to distinguish an area for playtime or for sleep in your house or garden. Purpose built, the indoor dog pens are great for creating a little dog haven for your pup. It keeps them in a preferred area of your house to give you peace of mind. If your dog stays outside, outdoor pens mostly come with a roof to protect them from the elements. It’ll keep them cool in the summer months and dry when it gets wet and rainy. If you’re constantly on the move, portable dog pens are ideal as they are portable and easy to assemble.

Dog Gates

Dog gates are a huge help for families with dogs and young children. It helps allocate dog-free areas in your house to keep the harmony and maintain a safe environment for little hands and paws. Dog gates are useful when training your puppy – they’re an easy way to allocate time-out zones in your home. If you think they’re hard to install – think again! We stock an assortment of dog gates that are non-permanent and can be installed with a pressure mounting system to save drilling holes in your walls.