Let the dogs out with a dog door

Whether you have a single dog in residence, or a hundred and one dalmatians, it can be difficult to find a dog door fit for what your paw buddy needs. There are so many dog doors on the market now, some made specifically for different pooches and others matched to various entrances, so you want to make sure you choose the right one. Why is a mere pet door so important? Well, no one wants to come home to a stuck, injured or stubborn animal - they need to be safe even when you’re not watching, no matter how big or fluffy they get.

What about logistics?

Temporary pet doors are the way to go if you’re always moving around. On the other hand, for home owners with glass doors, you can install pet doors for sliding doors – your local glazier will know the accurate measurements and cut. Dog doors for walls are another home-owner option, durable and easy to install, and entirely compatible with wooden doors, brick walls, and metal doors.

Where to install your doggy door

Dogs crave limited independence. While they adore few things more than sitting on your feet or following you around the house, they also need outside time, even alone time (not every dog is social all of the time) - usually when you’re too busy to play or sit with them. Pet doors open up their world a little, minimising the chances of toilet accidents and destructive behaviour. But remember  to be strategic about placement,  your dog should never have direct access to your swimming pool or any area you don’t want their paws - garden beds, muddy patches, storm grates and outdoor reading nooks should be doggy-free areas. Safety isn’t only a consideration for your pup, you’ll need to consider small children too - when choosing a place for your dog door, make sure little people can’t take advantage of this fun new exit.  Do you need help choosing a doggy door for your home? Drop into your local My Pet Warehouse store today.

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