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Dog Worming Tablets for your furry best friend

Treats, toys and cuddles, dogs are pretty easy to please. Don’t be fooled - just because everything seems to be peachy on the outside, doesn’t mean everything is as it seems on the inside. Intestinal worms such as the roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm are dangerous to your cute canine’s health, and in some cases can affect your general wellbeing too. Dog worming tablets make controlling the presence and impact of these not-so-healthy nasties easier, with a number of dog worming products readily available. It’s not a case of should you start worming your pooch regularly (you certainly should), but rather which products will be effective for their age, breed and size.  

How does dog worming work?

The aim of dog worming is to wipe out existing worms and prevent these often unseen critters from doing any further internal damage with consistent dosing and an established dog worming schedule. You don’t have to wait until your puppy reaches their dog years, as dog worming treatments are safe and ready to go from as young as two weeks old. Without proper treatment symptoms such as visible worms or eggs in their faeces, itchiness, vomiting, bloating, weakness, and hunger despite an increased appetite are experienced.

My Pet Warehouse offers some of the best dog worming tablets nationally, stocking trusted brands such as Canimax, Droncit, Dronta and Milbemax. Read packaging carefully in order to find the appropriate worming tablet for the size and age of your pooch as problems may arise if they do not receive proper dosage of treatment.

Note: We recommend sneaking your pup’s treatment into their food, as some dogs may try to spit out their tablet immediately or even several minutes later. Whether you’re using a tablet or chewable based worming treatment, watch your pooch closely to ensure they consume the chew in its entirety.

Do you need more information on dog worming products? Speak to your vet about the right treatment for your pup, pooch or old-timer.