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Whether you wake up to slobbery kisses or catch a whiff of it while cosying up on the couch, there is nothing that will ruin a cuddle faster than stinky dog breath. It can also be a sign of bad dental health. Trapped pieces of food or other items your doggo has picked up on a walk can lead to plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth, which can cause disease and tooth decay.

Dental care dog food can help keep your pups teeth and gums healthy and clean, reducing the build-up of plaque, tartar and stains, as well as maintaining a healthy immune system that can help fight off illness.  

How dental dry food for dogs brushes away plaque

Dry dog food is the best option for dental health. The shape and texture of the kibble encourages chewing, acting like a toothbrush and clearing away dental nasties before they can cause problems.

When it comes to dental kibble for dogs the size of the food makes all the difference. Larger kibble is best. Pets will chew kibble too quickly if it’s on the small side and they won’t get the benefits of all that chewing. 

The best dental food for small dogs

Of course, the right dental food needs to match the breed. So, while larger kibble is best for bigger breeds, also keep in mind that smaller dogs may need modest kibble bites. Bottom line? The smaller the dog, the smaller the kibble - it’s all relative to their size! 

With free delivery on orders over $49.95, looking after your pooch’s dental health doesn’t need to be painful. We take the stress out of shopping in-store. Explore our range of dental care food online and take your time to find the right fit for your pooch.

Dental Dog Food Q&A

What foods help clean dogs teeth?

Dental dog food will help keep your dogs’ teeth healthy while also nourishing their bodies. Snacks and treats like dried meats can act as great chews. Crunchy foods like carrots can also help and won’t stick to your dogs’ teeth. Also, things like chew toys can be a great cleaning tool.

What foods are good for dogs gums?

There is a lot of advice out there that suggests everything from oats to cranberries. Food made from meats, vegetables and even fruits can help reduce plaque and bacteria. But the best way we know to keep the gums of your doggo healthy is with a healthy, balanced diet.

How can I get plaque off my dog's teeth naturally?

If you want to naturally remove plaque, look no further than a toothbrush. It might not be the easiest job, especially if you have a particularly playful pooch, but vets recommend brushing your pooch’s chompers twice daily.

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