Look after your pup with Hypoallergenic dog food

After days of unexplained scratching, a vet visit reveals your pooch is suffering from a food allergy, but you’re not sure how to help them short of throwing out their old food. Like human allergies, pet allergies are caused by an overreaction from the immune system - it considers an invading protein a threat and generates a response to fight it.

A hypoallergenic diet can help with food allergies. This diet contains proteins that have been broken down in a process called hydrolysation. The protein becomes that small that it is unlikely to trigger an immune response.

The best anallergenic dog food for the fussiest of pups

Anallergenic dog food takes the process one step further. The diet includes hydrolysed proteins and extra care is taken during the manufacturing process to avoid contamination with other protein sources. It is generally made from one carbohydrate source and includes ingredients to reduce allergic reactions.

Have an itchy pooch? Try dog food for skin allergies

While our furry friends love a good scratch, abnormal itching can be an indicator of an allergic reaction. Skin allergies in dogs are commonly caused by things like grass and pollen but can also be triggered by what their favourite foods and snacks.   

Specialised dog food for skin allergies will contain ingredients that are unlikely to cause negative reactions, with additives like a single source of carbohydrate to minimise the risk of a reaction to other proteins.

Keep their shine with dog food for sensitive skin

Food formulated for skin sensitivity can help dogs keep their shine. For the best dog food for sensitive skin look for food that contains high-quality protein, fatty acids and antioxidants that will help protect and nourish their skin.

There’s nothing worse than seeing your pooch uncomfortable. We take the stress out of shopping with a wide range of foods online. With free delivery on orders over $49.95 and same day processing (before 2pm), we can help get your pup feeling better sooner rather than later.   

Hypoallergenic Dog Food Q&A

How can I tell if my dog is allergic to his food?

Dog food allergies can appear at any time. Common symptoms include itching, red or irritated skin, rashes, vomiting and diarrhea.

What is the best food for dogs with itchy skin?

Finding the best food to help your dog’s itchy skin is trial and error. It may be a matter of limiting meats or increasing nutrients. The best way to find food for itchy skin is to try an elimination diet to identify the problematic ingredients or try a specialised food like Royal Canin or Hills Science Diet.

Can too much protein cause itchy skin in dogs?

Itchy skin is likely caused by the immune response, not the protein level itself. Like everything else in a dog’s diet, it’s about quality just as much as quantity. We recommend dropping into your vet and getting a professional opinion before trying anything new.

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