Does your pup need to lose weight? Try weight loss dog food

Is your pup getting a little rounder around the waist? You might want to look at weight loss dog food to help your pup shed those extra kilos. You should be able to feel their ribs and spin through a thin layer of fat. If you can’t find the ribcage, it might be time for a dogstyle change. 

Options like diet dog food and metabolic dog food feature reduced levels of fat and increased protein, leaving them feeling fuller for longer while boosting your dog’s metabolism to help them lose weight and keep it off.  

Size, age and overall health are all important to keep in mind when choosing the right diet food, so it’s important to consult your vet before deciding on a diet mix.

Finding the right low fat dog food 

Weight management dog food is a great way to help your pooch shed that extra weight and keep it off. With less fat and calories, low fat dog food can help manage their weight. However, just because it’s a diet food doesn’t mean they’ll go hungry. With high fibre and protein, it will keep them fuller for longer and avoid any need for begging between meals.  

Low calorie dog food for the less active pup

You may also want to opt for weight control dog food that contains less calories than regular food. These diets are perfect for less active dogs that may not be running around burning as many calories. 

With free delivery on orders over $49.95, reducing your pet’s weight doesn’t also need to thin your wallet. Shopping online means you can shop around and find the right deal. My Pet Warehouse is here to help you take the stress out of shopping. Browse brands of low calorie dog food,weight control dog food low fat dog food Australia wide to find the best diet dish for your pooch. 

Diet Dog Food Q&A

How much should I feed my dog to lose weight?

This will vary depending on your dog’s breed, age and size. The feeding guide on your chosen dog food bag will be your best guide to avoid both overfeeding and underfeeding.

What is the best low calorie dry dog food?

The best low calorie dog food will be exactly that: low in calories while being high in fibre to keep your dog full. But the best match will depend on your specific dog.

What is considered a low fat diet for dogs?

Generally, a low fat diet for dogs consists of less than 10% fat. Diets with more than 20% of fat are considered high fat. something in the middle, is considered moderate.

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