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Get that show dog shine with our dog grooming supplies

Our dog grooming supplies have been chosen with your dog’s comfort in mind. We also make your needs a priority by stocking tried and tested grooming tools, like the Furminator deshedding tool, Kong ZoomGroom for Dogs. and a good set of dog clippers.

Regular grooming puts you up close and personal with your pet dog meaning you will easily be able to identify any health issues he may have such as fleas or any sores on his skin. The time spent grooming your dog is also beneficial for bonding.

Dog grooming equipment for hair

A regular grooming routine is beneficial for both you and your dog. You will have less dog hair stuck to your armchair and he won’t have to put up with knotty fur.

Shedding is not only an issue during certain seasons. Indoor dogs tend to shed all year round. This is why a good dog grooming brush will be your saviour. Dog grooming tools help with matted fur that can occur in long haired dogs and de-shedding tools successfully remove a dog’s thick undercoat.

We stock a variety of brushes. Some tools are designed to comb out fleas, others aim to remove excess hair and some are made to remove nasty knots in fur.