Bark up the right tree with your canine’s dog clippers

Wagging tails, doggy smiles and happy yips when you walk through the door - nothing beats the feeling of hanging out with your best friend. While we love them for their larger-than-life personalities, their big nails can get in the way, scratching up the floorboards or leaving a nasty scrape across your thigh when a hello gets a little jumpy. Pause their paws with a set of dog clippers and take their nail health into your own hands.

What kind of dog grooming clippers do I need?

Every dog owner knows pups take their spa sessions seriously, benefiting from a monthly groom to remove debris, stray hair and crawlies from their fur. Not all dogs allow the poor dog stylist near their nails however - it can depend on temperament as much as breed - so you’ll need to do a little upkeep at home. DIY dog hair clippers are perfect for taking care of stray hairs around your pet’s eyes, ears and paws, in addition to all-over haircuts. The best dog clippers are usually all-rounders, although specialist clippers exist for smaller dogs with finer hair or curly wooly coats.

Worried about grooming your pup for the first time? Your apprehension may catch on, as the buzz of the trimmers reaches their ears and fear of the unknown sets in. You can minimise these pre-cut jitters by brushing their fur a few times a week so that they are more comfortable come clipping day - remember, treats never go astray, so have plenty on hand along with lots of pats and kind words.

Explore our wide range of dog clippers for sale today and give your pooch a quick trim tomorrow. Unsure about this clipping business? Visit your local My Pet Warehouse for help and advice

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