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Dog ID tags - make sure your dog can be found

The average person doesn’t have a microchip scanner in their back pocket… This is why it’s more than important to attach a readable dog ID tag to your pooch’s collar. On the same note, the average person doesn’t have perfect night vision so a dog night light will make your dog visible in the dark.

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Dog ID tags

Dog identification tags mean that your dog can be returned to you when he becomes lost. Although a lost dog is something we wouldn’t wish upon anyone – it’s a good idea to be safe rather than sorry.

If someone from another neighbourhood finds your dog without a dog name tag they will be forced to contact the nearest animal shelter. Your dog will be taken to the animal shelter, which will cause him unnecessary stress.

The shelter will also have to spend time and money caring for your dog and locating you. This money could be spent on rehoming dogs who are in far worse situations.

Dog night lights

You wouldn’t go out in the dark without a torch and reflective clothing. So why should your dog? A dog light collar or dog night light is something you should seriously think about if you walk your dog early in the mornings or late in the evening.

Using a dog night light for collars ensures that your dog is visible to car drivers, bicyclists and other pedestrians. This is useful in dark conditions if your dog is allowed to roam off the lead.

Even if your dog remains on his lead at most times, you never know what might happen. Your dog could escape at night during a storm and his dog night light could help you and others to see him in the dark.

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