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Give your pooch a palace with one of our dog kennels

The ideal dog kennel is comfortable, secure and inviting. It should provide good insulation from the heat and cold and work well to shelter your pet from the rain. With four seasons in one day, these are features all dog kennels in Melbourne should have!

This may sound like a lot to ask but the dog kennels for sale in our store satisfy these needs and more. We have over 50 online giving you plenty of choice. You’ll be able to choose from plastic, soft, wooden and eco-kennels.

Plastic kennels

We stock plastic kennels in different sizes and colours. Plastic kennels are easy to clean and have different features that can be useful when caring for your dog. These features can include removable lids, increased ventilation and attachable doors.

Soft kennels

The soft kennels we carry are liked for their portability. They can be used indoors and outdoors and are fantastic for travelling. They’re comfortable for your dog and provide ventilation for warm days.

Wooden kennels 

A wood kennel is classic. The look and functionality of a wooden kennel never seems to go out of style. They are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


The base of a kennel can be a bit hard to sit on, so you’ll also want to look at some accessories such as a kennel liner or a kennel pad. There are also kennel door flaps to suit various kennels we have available.