Send Those Parched Lawn Patches Packing with Dog Rocks

Fish need to swim, cats have to scratch and dogs, well, they have to pee.  While you’ve conquered the toilet training caper together and your best buddy takes their digestive urges outside and away from your shoes, dog urine attacks luscious lawns with lashings of nitrogen and related salts. It’s acidic stuff, so we’re not surprised you’re combing the internet with “dog urine burning grass” searches. So, how can you save your lawn against daily doses of dog urine? Is it possible?

Introducing paramagnetic igneous rock

Dog Rocks channel the natural might of mother nature, removing any nitrates and tin found in the water your dog loves to lap up on a hot day. Simply submerge the paramagnetic igneous rocks in two litres of water and let your dog’s digestive system do the rest! 

Do Dog Rocks bring back dead grass?

No. Unfortunately, Dog Rocks doesn’t have the ability to remedy your lawn, but remaining greenery will benefit, looking greener and fresher as the composition of your dog’s urine changes ever so slightly.

Dog Rocks FAQs

Are Dog Rocks Australian Made?

Yes! We’re proud to carry a local product designed for lawn-proud dog owners.

How long does it take for Dog Rocks to work?

Around five weeks. While the rocks start impacting water after 8-10 hours, lawn burns will stop appearing over time and with a little TLC, remaining grass will begin to flourish under the passive influence of Dog Rocks.

What neutralises dog urine?

Lawn lovers should think about improving their soil and inviting communities of microscopic microbes to thrive. If successful, these hungry critters will absorb the high concentration of urea found in dog urine, preventing your grass from soaking it up. As you can tell, there’s a number of approaches - we recommend researching the subject and deploying Dog Rocks to complement whatever you decide.

How long do Dog Rocks last?

We recommend replacing your Dog Rocks after two months of use. While you can try for a longer period of time, you may notice burn patches appearing again.

My dog keeps throwing the Dog Rocks out of their bowl…

Some dogs can’t resist playing with anything close to ball-shaped. If you find your Dog Rocks besides the bowl, across the yard or in the house, we suggest refilling your dog’s water bowl from a separate container with the Dog Rocks safely tucked under a sealed lid.

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