Looking for essential dog supplies?

There are so many different dog supplies out there and as a pet owner you will have to make many choices on behalf of your pet. After all, they can’t talk! There are big decisions to make regarding your pet but don’t forget, some of the simplest things are also the most important.

There are a few things that every dog needs – Food & Water, Shelter and Love. If you provide the love, we can help you with the rest!

Food & Water

As far as food goes, My Pet Warehouse stocks some of the most popular food brands for dogs. Including Royal Canin, Advance, Eukanuba and Black Hawk. Depending on the age and breed of your dog and what you want to feed, there are several categories that might interest you. Depending on the age and breed of your dog and what you want to feed, there are several categories that might interest you:

Luna and Luke

You can’t just put food and water on the floor – invest in a couple of good dog bowls! There are heaps to choose from including stainless steel, ceramic and plastic bowls.

Dog Shelter

Dogs that spend the majority of their time outside require a suitable dog kennel. It needs to be big enough to fit them comfortably and provide them with shade in the heat and shelter in the cold.

The kennels available at My Pet Warehouse come in a range of sizes, colours and materials.

Some dogs are lucky enough to spend their days indoors with their pet-parents. Even if they are allowed to roam freely around the house they still need their own designated space. This can be given in the form of one of our cosy dog mats or beds.

You can also make a dog crate available for them to use as a den. If your dog has been raised to see a crate as their own, it will make transportation easier in the future.


Now, you can’t buy love… But you can buy a few things for your dog that show him how much you care!

Of course you can buy a bounty of toys and treats however the most responsible way to show your love is to ensure that he is healthy. Health care products such as flea and tick medication should be on your list of essential dog supplies.

There are plenty of medical products in stock and also dental and skin and coat care items.

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